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Character sketches

Major characters

These are the people who have made the greatest impact on our valenheroes' lives. Some are close friends, cherished for their company and the sharing of good times. Some are arch-nemeses devoted to thwarting our heroes at every turn. All likely have guaranteed appearances in any sequels. ;)

Christine lives next door to the valencommune in a house of many rooms. The largest room is the tearoom. Christine is very protective of her teacups, so whatever you do, don't break one! She once helped the Valentines thwart the evil plans of Ellen Cairo, after a horde of Gaggy Old Republicans trashed her tearoom. [Damon]
First appearance: Trouble at the Valencommune

Ellen Cairo
Ms. Cairo likes long walks on the beach at night, sitting in front of a crackling fire, and spending lazy afternoons curled up with a good book and a mug of tea. Her remarkable transformation from evil villainess extraordinaire into frumpy homebody occurred when she finally met her match in Mr. Saaa, now similarly enthralled with minor home-improvement projects, walking the dog, and choosing colours for their future baby's nursery. Says Ms. Cairo, "love changes everything." [Kevin]
First appearance: Trouble at the Valencommune

The Email Fairy
Seven feet tall, with electric blue hair and sporting a large dress, the Email Fairy presents an imposing figure. She brings email to all the good people and gives empty mailboxes to all the bad people, and her judgement is impeccable. All the valentines adore the Email Fairy. Travelling via packet routing, she can reach most destinations almost instantaneously, though it can be a bumpy ride and there are things that can go disastrously wrong when mortals come along for the ride... [Damon]
First appearance: Trouble at the Valencommune

Description coming. [Philip]
First appearance: Trouble at the Valencommune

Mr. Saaa
The original evil villain intent on thwarting our heroes. Originally Mr. Saaa was simply the inept assistant of an evil scientist. At the start of the valenstory saga, he came into his own as proprietor of Saaa Enterprises, Inc., a nebulous corporate entity responsible for many subtle manipulations of world government bodies and the space-time continuum. Mr. Saaa himself is at times somewhat ineffectual, which is perhaps explicable when you consider that he is genetically related to Kalaleq. Once, it seemed he would succumb to a hostile takeover by Ellen Cairo; however, thanks to Sage's meddling he and Ellen have found common ground and become fast friends. [Damon]
First appearance: The Interactive Valentines Story

Syren Wykniewicz
A blue-haired heroine of the second valenstory, Syren's level-headed determination saved the coffee-deprived Todd from the clutches of Mr. Saaa. She became a good friend to the valentines, especially Kalaleq to whom she was linked by a mysterious pair of notes. Always unhappy with being tied to one spot, however, she has since left the Valencommune for parts unknown, unlikely ever to return. [Damon]
First appearance: Trouble at the Valencommune

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