WORKING TITLE: Adventures in Valentime
Title page

Nobody is currently writing. If you'd like to write, email the list to let us all know!

The rules:

  1. You may write if at least two other people have written since your last entry, and if no one else is writing at the moment (see above).
  2. To start writing, email the valenstory list to let everyone else know that you have control of the story.
  3. In the case of two people asking to write at the same time, precedence will be given to the person whose last entry was less recent.
  4. From that point you have about a week or two to submit your entry to Damon.
  5. Damon will post your entry, then let everyone know that the story is once again up for grabs.
  6. Or, if you take too long and someone else wants to write, control will pass to that person.

* Chapter 1:
An unexpected call

* Chapter 2:
Before things get better...

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