The Valencommune
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The Valentines

These four founded the valencommune, where all friends are welcome to sit by the fire and drink tea (or coffee if they prefer, but that's likely to elicit a lecture from Kalaleq). When the world is in trouble, it can count on the valentines to come to its rescue... providing the valencommune is safe, the wet food is packed, and everyone can find their glasses.

If Kalaleq has a fatal flaw, it is his inability to see without his spectacles. If he has a superpower, it is probably his ability to see with them on. Kalaleq is something of a bumbler; he is generally relieved when something goes wrong and it's not his fault. He has two alter-egos, the Dream Orphan and a giant doppelganger with equally giant glasses. [Damon]
First appearance: The Interactive Valentines Story

Piquet doesn't have a lot of patience but doesn't like to go off half-cocked either; a short period of option-consideration followed by a bout of activity (or an impatient outburst) is her usual pattern. Fairly cool in a crisis. Her defining characteristic is probably her love of the music of the Indigo Girls, Dar Williams and Susan Werner. Piquet has the ability to morph between human and cat form, although she spends most of her time as a human. [Sherlyn]
First appearance: The Interactive Valentines Story

Short, but waiting for that growth spurt that's just around the corner. Two pairs of glasses: bifocals and computer glasses. About to get dentures. Unbelievably, given the above, only 29! Mama to a [blatherings about son cut out as too goopy for public consumption] little boy. Soulmate to Todd. Workaholic. Afraid of dentists. [Sage]
First appearance: The Interactive Valentines Story

Todd Tyrtle lives at the Valencommune with all the others and with his sweetie Sage in particular. Servant to Shelly, Jay, Cilantro, Habanero, Claire, Anita, Harriet and Karma, he devotes his life to filling dry food bowls. His only weakness is coffee. A good cup may cause him to linger too long somewhere and miss the next coming thing. He has very blue eyes... sometimes. [Todd]
First appearance: The Interactive Valentines Story

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