The Valencommune
Character sketches

Quick sketches of all the characters in all the valenstories. This section is very much under development

Please select a group of characters below:

The Valentines
The original inhabitants of the valencommune: Kalaleq, Piquet, Sage and Todd

Major characters
The memorable friends and foes of the Valentines: Christine, Ellen Cairo, the Email Fairy, Fili, Mr. Saaa, Syren Wykniewicz

The Cats
The feline cohorts who choose to hang around with Sage and Todd: Anita, Cilantro, Claire, Habanero, Harriet, Jay, Karma, Shelly

Minor characters
The poor sods that get used when they're convenient for plot development, and then are tragically cast aside like broken china dolls. They meet every Tuesday at The Pit, griping about their wasted lives and the damned bourgeois classists who keep them down, and secretly dreaming of one day making the major characters list.

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